The whales are back!

Port Stephens sits right on the Humpback Whale Highway, where well over 15,000 Humpbacks travel in their annual migration between the cold waters of Antarctica, where they feed, and the warmer waters of the Great Barrier Reef, where they breed.

The first whales were spotted in mid May and we are currently right in the main Northern migration, with multiple whales being sighted each day. Cruises have been departing daily and if you are following Moonshadow-TQC Cruises, Imagine Cruises or Port Stephens on social media you will see some amazing whale photography taken on these cruises.

Cruises are the best way to view the whales, as they can cover a relatively large area of ocean searching for whales and can approach up to 100 metres from a whale. However, if you do not have your 'sea legs,' there are also some fantastic land based whale watching areas here. Boat Harbour (Noamunga Street) and Fingal Bay (Barry Park) are particularly good, as well as the top of Tomaree Headland... enjoy a walk and some whale watching.

The Northern migration will continue until August and then we will begin to see the adult Humpbacks accompanied by their new calves heading back South until mid November.

So, if you are oceanside in Port Stephens keep your eyes peeled or if you have the chance to join a cruise, book it in!

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