Christmas is coming...

Christmas is just over a month away and it is noticeable in our office with an increased volume of phone calls looking for accommodation (there is very little available over the peak time at this late stage). This means the Port Stephens will be buzzing from 23 December pretty much through until the end of January.

While it will be busy, there are 26 beaches to pick from, including cam water harbour beaches and ocean surf beaches, 23km2 of Tomaree National Park, kilometres of cycle tracks, cruise boats on the harbour and 4WD vehicles on the sand dunes with multiple daily departures for dolphin watching and sandboarding and we now have three supermarkets at Salamander and one in Nelson Bay to keep you stocked up.

Remember to book ahead for your accommodation and activities, so that you don't miss out! We will try to book in some hot but no too hot Summer sunshine for you.

Here's a few hints... We have just lifted the seven night minimum stay over the peak rates are from 24 December through to 13 January and then the rates begin to drop. So, if you are able to travel in later January or even after the school holidays, then you will have more accommodation options and at a cheaper rate too.


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