Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy (Website)

At Port Stephens Accommodation our commitment is to meet or exceed expectations by providing a prompt, efficient and courteous service always. While our goal is to get everything right, we recognise that occasional mistakes can occur. Your feedback about any concerns or dissatisfaction provides us with the opportunity to rectify issues promptly, learn from our errors, and to improve the quality of our products and services for future guests.

Our pledge to you includes:

Prompt Acknowledgment

We will swiftly acknowledge your complaint, ensuring you are heard.

Timely Resolution

Our aim is to resolve your complaint at the earliest opportunity, typically within three to five business days.

Clear Communication

We will communicate our decisions clearly and fairly, explaining the steps you can take if you remain dissatisfied.

Continuous Improvement

Learning from our mistakes, we are dedicated to improving the quality of our services and products.
If you are currently staying in one of our properties, kindly refer to the complaint policy outlined in our Guest Information Folder. To address issues during your stay, please give us the chance to remedy them before considering compensation or refunds.
For assistance, our local offices operate Monday – Friday: 9 – 5 | Saturday: 11:30 – 3:30 | Sunday Closed . We also provide 24/7 out-of-hours customer support for urgent matters.

To make a complaint, you can:

Note: Please address your complaint to the ‘Principal/Licencee” and reference the property name, your full name, contact address and phone number and if relevant your booking reference number.

Our Complaint Process:

1. Prompt Resolution:

We aim to resolve your complaint within three to five business days, providing written confirmation of receipt and resolution.

2. Extended Resolution Time:

In some cases we may need to follow up third parties so if more time is needed, we’ll send an acknowledgment email with an estimated decision date and keep you updated on our progress.

3. Communication Channels:

All complaints are directed to our dedicated, local client service teams and overseen by the relevant member of the Leadership Team.

4. Final Response:

Upon resolution, we will send you a final response, either upholding your complaint with details of corrective actions or explaining the reasons if your complaint is not upheld.
We value customer feedback and address all concerns constructively. We encourage initial complaints to be reported via phone for prompt attention. However, to facilitate a comprehensive investigation, we kindly request that all significant issues be documented in writing thereafter. This ensures that we have accurate details available to conduct a thorough examination of the matter.
It is important to note our staff work extremely hard, in difficult conditions particularly over peak season, to provide a great service to all our guests and owners. When things go wrong, it can be an anxious time for all parties concerned. Our promise to you is that our team will troubleshoot the issue professionally and with courtesy. We expect the same courtesy in return and our team will not tolerate verbal or written abuse. Additionally, negative review threats will not compromise our integrity or values. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in satisfied customer testimonials.
Your satisfaction is our priority, and we appreciate the opportunity to address and resolve any concerns you may have. If, at the conclusion of the process, you remain dissatisfied, you may contact the following;


Fair Trading via or by mail at NSW Fair Trading, PO Box 972, Parramatta 2124.


Office Fair Trading via or by mail at Office Fair Trading, GPO Box 3111 Brisbane  4001.


Consumer Affairs Victoria via or by mail at Consumer Affairs, GPO Box 123 Melburne  3001.


Commerce Commission New Zealand via https// or by mail at Commerce Commission New Zealand. PO Box 2351 Wellington 6140

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